We’re a creative studio making digital toys.

Redefining how design, art, collectability, and interactivity can be combined to make waves in the toy industry.

We believe in beauty, craft, and the ability to go beyond what is expected.

Carving new paths for tomorrow by making the freshest work possible today.

Work With Us

3D Character Artist
Experienced in creating stylized 3D characters. Required skills include sculpting, modeling, retopo, uv editing, texture painting.

Realtime Tehcnical Artist
Experienced in making beautiful scenes in Unity or Unreal. Required skills include shaders, scripting, IK, physics.

Graphic Designer
Experienced in making sick af graphix. Must be good with typography, vector art, layout, and design.

YouTube Filmer & Editor
Anyone driven to make youtube content. Will film, edit, color correct, and create stories.

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